Drowsy Detector

Detect and warn drivers when they are getting drowsy, notify pedestrians nearby through iBeacon

WINNER: Solutions for Drivers - Popular Choice

Drowsy driving is dangerous, especially within city intersections where a lot of people and cars meet. Tiring individuals will surely endanger the lives of not only themselves, but many others as well.

We are using proprietary facial recognition technology to detect whether drivers are getting drowsy, if their eyes are closed more than 2 seconds, or blinking more than 6 times, they'll receive a warning. If the eyes are closed for more than 5 seconds, they'll receive an alert repeatedly until they stop driving and turn off the app.

Detection also warns all the pedestrians, cyclist and other drivers around using iBeacon, any one has the this app installed within the range will receive a notification warning them that there is a drowsy driver around, and that they should be careful. It solves the case where people like to walk with their phone these days.

Please understand this is build on iOS as a demo, which people can place a docking station in their car where the iPhone's front camera will be directly facing them. We can build a integrated solution within the car itself, all it needs it a camera, a computer (for processing), and a beacon. No internet is required for this app.

Hopefully with this solution, we'll have less drowsy drivers and fewer accidents within the city intersections.

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