Building on national efforts to raise awareness about the dangers of texting while driving, AT&T introduces Connected Intersections, a new traffic safety initiative to spur technological solutions to improve traffic safety on New York City streets and in other urban environments. The challenge seeks to leverage smart phone technology and wireless networks to make pedestrians, cyclists and motorists more aware of their surroundings and alert them to potential dangers. 

To kick-off Connected Intersections, AT&T, NYC Media Lab and New York University’s Polytechnic School of Engineering produced a white paper drawing on research from around the country that examines smart phone distraction and impediments to traffic safety. 

The paper provides a springboard for a three-month tech challenge where developers will compete to create smart phone apps and wearable solutions that aim to augment the public’s connectedness to their immediate surroundings while reducing distraction. 

How you can contribute

Connected Intersections challenges software developers, UX/UI/IxD professionals, designers, and technologists around the world to submit technological solutions that apply smart phones, wearable technology, and wireless networks to improve traffic safety and reduce collisions. 

What type of app, wearable device, or technology will you create to increase environmental awareness for pedestrians, cyclists, and drivers? Will you deploy Natural User Interface (NUI) design principles? Or, will you use sensor-based technologies or device-to-device communication?

There are many ways to approach the problem of traffic safety and join the expanding community of New York City elected officials, policy makers, advocates and concerned citizens working to improve traffic safety and reduce injuries and fatalities from vehicle collisions. Now you can be part of the solution.

Ready to start? Register for the challenge and go to the Resources page to get access to traffic safety data, facts, and research.


This challenge is open to:

  • Individuals (who have reached the age of majority in their jurisdiction of residence at the time of entry); Teams of eligible individuals; Organizations (up to 50 employees)
  • Organizations with over 50 employees may compete for the non-cash Large Organization Recognition Award.


Content: Submitted solutions must include features and functionality focused on reducing collisions between vehicles and pedestrians (including cyclists) in urban street environments. See Official Rules and FAQ for more information. 

Solutions must include a software component such as: 

  • a native smartphone or tablet solution (iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile)
  • a web solution (mobile or desktop)
  • a desktop solution (Windows PC, Mac Desktop)
  • software running on other hardware (including, but not exclusive to, wearable technology, open source hardware, etc.)
  • custom hardware which includes a software component (wearable technology, etc.) 

Supplemental Material: You must submit a demo video (hosted on YouTube, Vimeo, or Youku) that walks through the main functionality of the solution via screencast or video. You must also submit at least one image/screenshot of your working solution.

New & Existing Solutions: Solutions may be newly created or pre-existing. If submitting an existing solution (developed prior to this competition), it must include new features/functionality added after the start of the submission period, which specifically aims to reduce collisions between vehicles and pedestrians (including cyclists) in urban street environments. Existing solutions will be required to explain their new features in the submission form.

Hackathon Sponsors


$50,000 in prizes

Solutions for Drivers - Grand Prize

Solutions for Pedestrians & Cyclists - Grand Prize

Solutions for Drivers - Second Prize

Solutions for Pedestrians & Cyclists - Second Prize

Solutions for Drivers - Popular Choice

Solutions for Pedestrians & Cyclists - Popular Choice

Solutions for Drivers - Large Organization Recognition Award

Non-cash, recognition only for Large Organizations

Solutions for Pedestrians & Cyclists - Large Organization Recognition Award

Non-cash, recognition only for Large Organizations

Best Solutions for Multi-Modal Connections (2)

Awarded at the discretion of the Judges to solutions, in either track, which demonstrate outstanding abilities to facilitate connection and awareness between both vehicles and pedestrians & cyclists.

Devpost Achievements

Submitting to this hackathon could earn you:

How to enter

  1. Read the Official Rules to confirm you meet all eligibility requirements.
  2. “Register” to access the submission form and start your draft.
  3. Visit the Resources page to learn about the current state of traffic safety in urban environments, as well as opportunities and ideas for improvement.
  4. Create a working solution that meets the requirements above, or update an existing solution.
  5. Create a demonstration video and take some screenshots of your solution.
  6. Provide a way for us to access your solution.
  7. Submit before the deadline!


Marissa Shorenstein

Marissa Shorenstein
President of AT&T New York

Matt Brimer

Matt Brimer
General Assembly Co-Founder

Mitchell Moss

Mitchell Moss
Director of NYU Rudin Center

Justin Hendrix

Justin Hendrix
Executive Director at NYC Media Lab

R. Luke Dubois

R. Luke Dubois
Co-Director & Assistant Professor of Integrated Digital Media at NYU Polytechinc School of Engineering

Kim Wiley-Schwartz

Kim Wiley-Schwartz
Assistant Commissioner for Education and Outreach, New York City Department of Transportation

Judging Criteria

  • Quality of the Idea/Vision
    Includes creativity and originality of the idea.
  • Visual Presentation and Implementation
    Includes how well the idea was executed by the developer and the sophistication of the technology included.
  • Potential Impact
    Includes the potential impact the solution has on reducing collisions between vehicles and pedestrians, or vehicles and cyclists, in urban environments.

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