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API/Data Storage

Are there any API's available for getting, updating and storing the data generated by the apps running in the devices and/or the data from the available datasets which has been processed or are we supposed to come up with our own API implementations?



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    Hi mulish,

    Thank you for your question and your interest in the Connected Intersections challenge!

    I'm sorry, but I'm not sure I fully understand your question. Can you clarify what devices you are referring to?

    Regarding the data resources listed on the "Resources" page (http://intersections.challengepost.com/details/resources), there are no required APIs for utilizing that data. You may import, update, and store it in whatever way you choose.


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    Hi Serena,

    Thanks for your reply, I meant the data generated by the wearable devices and smartphones that will eventually run the apps submitted, but nonetheless you've answered my question.



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    I can answer this for you mulish, as a developer using these devices, the answer without a internet connection is no if you're trying to send it to the web or a private/public cloud.

    I'm using BLE to send to a mobile phone w/App I built that pairs to the devices to obtain the data & async I/O.


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    Awesome, thanks Lance for the clarification, I was trying to find the most optimal way for data sharing and processing in the absence of end point to post and get data from but your BLE explanation has cleared up things for me. I think I'll go that way then.


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