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Google Maps API Rate Limits - Business License for this contest?

It looks like Google Maps API is listed as a resource for this contest. For some of their services, such as geocoding, it looks like a business account is required (100 max per day without) for deployment to a test audience. Is there a sample business license available for use with this contest?

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    It's perfectly easy to integrate Google Maps. However, they enforce hard rate limits. I've had apps hit this limit. There is a 100 limit per day unless you pay $10,000+ for Maps for Business.

    If you have not purchased a Geolocation API for Business license:
    If you have set up billing in your API console account, you can use up to:
    100 queries per 24 hours.
    1 query per second, per user. This value can be changed in the Quotas section of the API Console.


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