Safety Care

A Multi-Modal Social Network Based Approach to Real-Time Traffic and Travel Time.

The app submitted for this contest is 2

A: Native App Version for Android Phones and Tablets

B: Web Version

Both the Native App and Web app synchronizes with each other. They are some little function on the native app that is not on the web version and vice versa. This 2 app must work hand to hand for effective utility. This means that whatever user does on the website gets reflected on the app and vice versa.

In this page am submitting the links of the native app while the web app and its slides show and videos can be accessible via the link below

Web app link:

Web app Slideshow:

Webapp Video link

How to Use the app (both Native and Web app)

You can find the enclosed app documentation for detailed analysis of the app user-ability and work-ability in the attached zip format or you can download the app documentation in PDF format directly from the link below

App Analysis

A Multi-Modal Social Network Based Approach to Real-Time Traffic and Travel Time to Save Petroleum Resources, Reduces Combustion of Carbon Monoxide(CO) from exhaust engine in the Atmosphere, Minimizes Distraction, Road Accidents and Traffic Collisions

Technology: A Mobile Native App that Synchronizes with a Web App.

Your Feelings:

As a Driver, Cyclist and Pedestrian, how are gonna feel when you constantly receive Daily Road Traffic Orientations posted by Traffic Experts and other users on the app, You receive Traffic alert messages on your apps timeline, traffic notifications alerts on your Mobile phone, Listen to Audio-Voices Messages while you drive. I guess it will save you all the stress, save your fuel resources, minimizes Carbon Monoxide(CO) introduction in the atmosphere and color your traveling.


This is a Multi-modal Application that presents the architecture of an Advanced Road/Traffic Information System disseminated through a highly interactive Mobile, Native, Wearable and Web Interface that were supplied by users. The Presentation Layer relies on Users Submitted Data, Data from New York Police Department (NYPD) in charge of Road Accident Collision, Data from Google maps and the use of cutting-edge Mobile, Native and Web Technologies. Each traffic data were for both dynamic (Road Congestion, Road Works, Accidents) and Static Data (Block Spots, Speed Cameras etc.) which was aimed at creating awareness of dangers of Road/traffic accidents, minimizes distractions and collisions on Drivers, Pedestrians and Cyclers paths.

This app also provides a medium where NEW YORK POLICE DEPARTMENTS (NYPD) will upload their daily Road Collision Data (in .CSV FORMAT) . All this data will automatically be propagated within the app to provide locations of the incidents, Streets involved, The number of injured people, the number of people that died in the clash. All this data will be automatically reflect on Google Map and Graphical Statistical analysis of the incidents will automatically be plotted and updated based on submitted data to show all the Road collisions, injured people and those that died in the crash via FREQUENCY POLYGON, BAR-CHAR and PIE CHART distribution Analysis.

Videos presentation in facebook style via youtube utility within the app enable New yorksians to watch the traffic life from the comfort of their home, Text-Speech system, Audio-Voice Control System enables the New Yorksians to listen to real time voice message on road traffic related issues and Emergency Message Broadcast enable all New Yorksians to receive immediate traffic alerts on their app profile/timeline as well as on their mobile phone with vibration alert at once with incident propagation on Google Map. Friends request, Chatting, Offline and Online messages alerts enables New Yorksians to inform their friends on traffic jams along their path. For Instance a wife at home can chat with the husband in the office to inform him of traffic Incident in “Allen Streets, manhattan,New York.”

All this supplied information were developed to create a push notifications alerts, a real time live Graphical traffic Analysis, traffic incidents and geo-coded data to ultimately provide description and location of the traffic incidents in every locality in New York City.


Travel time is an important issue in our everyday schedule prior and accurate real-time information on the traffic conditions and possible incident in our planned itinerary can be very useful for the travelers to avoid getting stuck in gridlock, minimize their travel time and improve their comfort. In most optimistic Scenarios, such information should persuade drivers, cyclist etc. not to take the roads that are beginning to get congested (but not yet saturated) and choose alternative routes. This app also provides list and locations of some nearby hospitals should there be emergency need due to road accidents. In any case, an awareness of the current traffic conditions and a qualitative description of road provides the travelers with the perception of a safer, more secure trip and plays a key role in making journeys more efficient and comfortable, reducing the drivers, cyclist and Pedestrians stress and collisions.


Building Traffic Control System that can help to reduce collisions is not that easy. This app enables all New Yorksians to share real-time traffic and road information’s, saving everyone time on their daily commute and road/traffic collisions. Nothing can beat real people and New York Govt. working together; imagine millions of New Yorksians Drivers, Cyclist, Pedestrians out on the roads, working together towards a common goal: to outsmart traffic , accident collisions and get everyone the best route to work and back, every day. This apps gets you alerted even before you approach police, accidents, road hazards or traffic jams, all shared by other New Yorksians Drivers, Cyclist and Pedestrians in real-time. It's like a personal heads-up from a few million of your friends on the road.

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